UCLA Health and the Lakers want you to
Wear your mask.

UCLA Health is at the forefront in research and potential treatments to stop the spread of COVID-19. Check below to see how you can do your part. We all play for #TeamLA!

wear your mask

Helpful Links

A How-to Guide for Effective Use of Face Coverings

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UCLA Health pathologist Shangxin Yang, PhD talks about his frightening beach experience, and the dangers of a “super spreader”

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Find out about UCLA Health's new policies and procedures keeping patients and staff protected from COVID-19

Psychology of Masking: Why Some People Don’t Cover Up

Certain human traits may have a lot to do with whether a person masks

Finding it hard to communicate with people wearing face masks? You’re not alone

Face coverings can impair communication, especially for people who have hearing loss and rely on lip reading

Facts vs. Fiction

UCLA Health experts help breakdown the flood of coronavirus information
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